NEW Coastal Needlepoint Pillows

Adding tons of NEW Needlepoint Pillows today! Here are a bunch of NEW Coastal Themed Pillows. CLICK HERE to see our complete collection of Nautical and Coastal Needlepoint Pillows. CLICK HERE to see all that is NEW at A&L HOME! NCU361-Coral-Reef-18x18400 NCU362-Coral-Reef-Left-18x18400 NCU363-Coral-Reef-Right-18x18400 NCU812-Sea-Horse-18x18400 NCU817-Crab-and-Sea-Star-18x18400 NCU819-Octupus-18x18400 NCU823-Flamingo-in-Water400


NEW Needlepoint Pillows


Cheap Buzz Beer Can Flip Flops

Sending out a great pair of flip flops tomorrow... Cheap Buzz Beer Can Flip Flops. IMG_7873How fun are these!




My Daisy Needlepoint Cosmetic bag

Packing a few IMG_7743things and stopped to take a picture of some pearls going into my Daisy Needlepoint Cosmetic BagIMG_7744

I love using these bags for travel because they are lined in super soft satin, have a zip top, and look so pretty!

There is also a Needlepoint Eyeglass Case to match!

Am I ready for spring or what!


NEW Ribbon Key Fobs

What could be better than a bright, fun ribbon key fob to help you locate your keys!! KF01.580

NEW from our friends at The Belted Cow... we are now carrying some of their great ribbons as key fobs. KF01

CLICK HERE to view all of our Ribbon Key Fobs KF011280

CLICK HERE to view What's NEW! KF01111


Two Great NEW Leather Tab Belts

I am working late adding some more new things to A&L HOME and had to do a quick blog entry about these two fun new belt designs! Bellbuoy-400


CLICK HERE to see all of our NEW products for Spring!

NEW Flip Flop Designs for 2015!

We are so happy to introduce over 35 NEW Ribbon Designs to our Flip Flop Collection for Men as well as our Women's CollectionFF01_62_76863.1427718999.1280.1280__49653.1427812352.1280.1280

Our classic flip flops feature bright fun ribbons on 100% cotton webbing straps. FF01_1081_45724.1427739883.580.580__16271.1427824832.386.513

Latigo leather connectors add durability at a traditionally vulnerable wear point as well as great style. FF01_1290_07097.1427744478.580.580__47411.1427842348.386.513

The sturdy rubber bottoms feature a slight wedge for comfort. FF01_1230_79957.1413834632.1280.1280__39716.1423692960.386.513

These super colorful flip flops are all designed and made right here in Maine! 

Flip Flops are made to order and so take a few weeks to ship. Now is the perfect time to order new Flops for spring!

CLICK HERE to view our complete Men's Flip Flop Collection

CLICK HERE to view our complete Women's Flip Flop Collection



NEW Needlepoint Ladies Shoe Designs!

We are excited to introduce NEW designs of our By Paige Needlepoint Loafers for Ladies.  907_thumbnail_image350CLICK HERE to view all of our NEW Loafers!

909_thumbnail_image400 910_image400 912_image400 913_thumbnail_image400 914_thumbnail_image400



Bryn Parry Prints

For years these two Bryn Parry prints hung in our Agatha & Louise shop in Portland, Maine. IMG_7477

Fortunately, when we closed our brick and mortar shop we brought these prints home!  I absolutely adore these funny dog prints and stopped to take a picture today to share...


NEW Ribbon Belts

It is still cold and snowy up here in Maine, but we are starting to think about spring... DW01_1290__13280.1421948605.580

What could be better than sprucing up your wardrobe with a new belt that you can wear now and keep wearing right into spring! LTB01_1170_web__08797.1411150045.580

Here are some brand new designs that we have just added to our collection. LTB01_1081__66605.1421947216.580

Our belts feature bright fun ribbons on sturdy cotton webbing.  Belts can be ordered with either a ring or leather tab closure. DW01_1291__17144.1421948934.580

Click on the following links to view these colorful belts on our A&L HOME website.

1) Herringbone Fish Ribbon Belt Navy

2) Shamrock Belt Leather Tab

3) Road Bike II On Blue Leather Tab LTB01_1230__39234.1416258648.580

4) Herringbone Fish Belt II (D-Rings) Green

5) Retro Flag Belt

To View All New Ribbon Belts CLICK HERE

To View Our Complete Collection of Men's Ribbon Belts CLICK HERE