Blue Willow Lucite Tray

I ordered a Personalized Blue Willow Lucite Tray for myself a few months ago and I have been using it everyday! Tray1

Lucite Trays make fantastic desk organizers.  I keep a collection of things that I use for shipping and small projects on my tray which I keep on a side table.  When I need these things I bring the entire tray to my desk and everything is tidy and easily accessible. L1386BlueWillowLuciteTray

Perfect! Plus I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Blue Willow Toile design!  Having things look pretty makes even the dullest chore more fun!

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Thank You For Voting

Hats off to everyone who headed out yesterday and took the time to vote!  Thank you! Flag-cu64ph

American Flag Needlepoint Pillow


New York City Marathon

We have several friends who ran in the New York City Marathon this year and so we say cheers to all who ran on November 2. What an amazing accomplishment!! 26

Marathon Cufflinks


Marathon Charm

And by the way....The 2015 TCS New York City Marathon application will open January 15!!



Personalized Wood Cutting Boards

What are you bringing for Thanksgiving dinner?

Our Monogrammed Wooden Cutting Boards are the perfect gift! These gorgeous maple cutting boards are made by hand here in the USA and can be personalized with an initial making them a truly personal gift that will last a lifetime.  210RP rect w rope handles                

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Needlepoint Door Stops

Here at A&L HOME we love all things traditional so what could be more up our alley than our hand done Needlepoint Doorstops

January-2011-075.jpgphThese elegant doorstops feature a beautiful needlepoint cover sewn around a brick. Soft fabric is sewn to the bottom to protect fine wooden floors.

We love it when something pretty can do something useful! 

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Petit Leopard Print Mules with Heels

These Petit Leopard Print Mules with Heels are the must have shoe for fall!!  Great with everything...I have been wearing mine everyday!! CLICK HERE to view all Needlepoint Mules with Heels    IMG_6278 679_large_image


Feeling like Fall at A&L HOME

   Cu316ph  Brown-acorns-F1269photo  M1-DW01-780ph  Burgandy-damask-WB417ph  766_large_image


Speaking of NEW Belts....

Check out our NEW Embossed Leather Belts for Men. 350L135_Lat_Emb_anchor__49408.1405329210

These beautiful high quality leather belts are designed in Maine and made in the USA. 350L135_Lat_Emb_DK__01227.1405328874.580.580

Featuring the same full grain latigo leather as our classic Baxter Leather Belts, this new collection features 3-5 evenly spaced embossed impressions around the length of the belt.  350L135_Lat_Emb_strpr__78565.1405328823.1280.1280

With nine fun impressions from Anchors to Striped Bass, these designs add a little fun to a beautiful leather belt!

***To view our complete collection of Leather Belts - Embossed CLICK HERE


NEW Women's Ribbon Belt Designs

We always love when our friends up 1350DW01_447web__67812.1411149571.580at The Belted Cow in Yarmouth add new ribbon designs to their collection!  1350DW01_1150_web__30274.1411149692.580.580

Here are four new designs that we have just added to our Women's Ribbon Belt Collection at A&L HOME.

All of these great belts are designed and made right here in Maine.  1350DW01_1160_web__72629.1411134426.580.580

They feature bright, fun ribbon designs on soft, sturdy cotton webbing backing. 1350DW01_952_web__88276.1411149430.580.580

What is great about d-ring belts is that they are adjustable so the same belt can be worn at your waist or lower on your hips depending on what you are wearing.

These fun belts add a great shot of color to any outfit!

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NEW Personalized House Sign Designs!

We have been carrying our cast resin Personalized House Signs since we opened our shop.  1612-Arch--beagle-web

We are so pleased to show you a few NEW SIGN SHAPES

Each of these bright, durable house signs is cast in resin and then completely hand painted.  3501617-Arch-chickadee-weg 350dachs

You select the emblem (you can choose from dog breeds or over 200 other emblems), the words or numbers, the sign color and the trim color.  350yellow

If you select a dog breed emblem, you can even provide us with a photo of your dog and the artist will paint the dog emblem with your dog's unique markings!!

CLICK HERE to view our complete collection of Personalized House Signs

Please contact us with any question regarding these beautiful house signs.  We are happy to assist you in designing your own Personalized House Sign.

Please call us toll free @ 800-775-9429 to discuss all the specifics!

House signs are made to order and generally take up to 6 weeks to be completed.